Thursday Night TV Open Thread

Unfortunately, do to a scheduling conflict, I was only able to watch two out of the group of Thursday night shows this week — 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation. How were the rest of them? Good? Bad? The best? The worst? Hey, isn’t it weird that NBC put out that spoiler announcement about 30 Rock yesterday? That’s not even a tease for a plot arc, that’s just a straight-up spoiler! It doesn’t matter, particularly, because no doy, and also who cares, but I do think that was a strange promotional method. Kind of empty. Not very exciting. Fairly confusing. But W/E. I enjoyed last night’s episode of 30 Rock very much, which always worries me because generally that means you guys all hated it? But I love a good Hazel plot line. And I thought the Tracey/Jack plot line was fun, too. To be honest, I didn’t have any problems with this ep., and it’s hard to find something to say when all you want to say is that it was enjoyable and that you don’t want to ruin it with too much TALK. Parks and Recreation was great. I thought Joe Biden was very good at acting creeped out. I don’t really understand why Leslie wouldn’t haven’t wanted to work with April on turning that lot into some sort of dog and human park from the beginning, but WHATEVER. It’s Friday. It was a TV show and it was great. Ben’s great. I wish I could give him the job of my husband in real life. Andy is just a delight to watch. A+ good job, show. WHAT DID YOU GUYS THINK?