How To Make Your Adult Baptism A Little More Stylish

Choosing to be baptized as an adult, thereby dedicating your life to the Christian faith, is an important and serious decision one makes with their heart, their mind, their faith, their family, and of course don’t forget their PARTY PLANNERRRSSAAAAAAAAH! Hahah. You’re about to enjoy a nice little video tutorial on how to make your adult baptism a bit more stylish than all the other gross, poor people adult baptisms you may have been to in the past, but before we begin I’d like to share my own person five rules for any adult baptism:

  • Clothing optional
  • BYOB (B = “Baptism” in both cases.)
  • No politics/religion talk
  • Live act must have 2 singles currently in the billboard hot 100

If you just follow those five rules your adult baptism should be a smash, but will it be stylish? NOT LIKELY. Plz listen to this lady tell you how to make it stylish.

Thanks, lady! Godmothers CAN wear clothing to the baptism. Girl is allowed 2 white dresses. Cake is the centerpiece. No God talk. Doves. Pools are OK because it is hard to fit a natural body of water in a mansion. Whites only I MEAN white clothing only. God is going to be so fucking psyched when he gets the bill for this baptism! (Thanks for the tip, Fondue Cheddar!)