Have you ever looked into the sky and wondered, “What’s up there? Aliens?” And then, “And I don’t mean boring-ass aliens like, I don’t know, tiny organisms living under the ice on Neptune or whatever, I mean like legit aliens with big alien faces and superior technology and spaceships. Are those up there? If so, when will we ever find out? Why don’t they try to contact us? Is it because they don’t want to waste their time, or is it because they want to wait until they are for sure for sure able to destroy Earth? Or — wait a second, have they been trying to contact us?” WELL, YOUR QUESTIONS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED! Thanks to a local news crew in Denver who went out on a limb and tried to debunk some thing a guy saw in the sky, only to go to the spot where he saw it and then see the exact same thing themselves. The truth is out there! Out there in Denver!

What is it, do you think? A plate on a string? A new kind of bird no one knows about yet? Aliens? (JK, it is definitely aliens.) Garbage floating? Hamburger helicopter? Something Barack Obama knows that he will never tell anyone, not even for charity? What is it???!! (Via Gawker.)