The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

Some weeks you win some, and some weeks you lose some. That’s something that’s always important to remember if you are either or dog or a cat and your main focus in life is getting the most of what you are into Videogum’s Petting Zoo top ten animal videos list every week. Sometimes there are going to be a lot of cat videos, but then some other times, some other times like today, there are going to be many more dog videos. That’s not because one is better than the other! (Just kidding!) (DOGS RULE CATS DROOL!) That’s just the way it goes sometimes. I hope no one’s feelings are ever hurt. With that said, let’s please get on with it and go watch all of the videos. We have a great group this week! AS ALWAYS! But this week seems especially great. ROLL THE CLIPS!

10. Whales Being Whales

9. Tiger Cub Baby Plays On Couch

8. Mean Mugging Goat

7. Cat Attacks Mirror

6. Baby Elephant Plays On A Beach

5. Cute Seal Pup

4. Dogs Cry When Boy Leaves For School

3. Dog (RIGHTFULLY) Scared Of Stairs

2. World’s Smallest Dog

1. Great Dane Cuddles With Baby

Before I actually watched the “great dane cuddles with baby” video I thought, “Why do parents let their babies cuddle with huge dogs? No matter how cute it is, and no matter how well-behaved your dog usually is, it is completely way too dangerous.” But then I watched the video AND ALL OF MY INSIDES MELTED INTO A PUDDLE SHAPED LIKE A WEEPING HEART. Holy moly, that video! So sweet! SO SWEET! The tiny dog video has been going around the Internet a lot all week, a friend even asked me if I covered it at a bar over the weekend and then we all passed around the video and cooed, but we haven’t covered it yet so LOOK LOOK LOOK SO TINYYYY! Ahhh! The dog on the stairs video is insane because OF COURSE that dog is going to be afraid to go down those steep-ass wooden stairs! Are you kidding me! I was feeling a little faint just looking at them! GET BETTER STAIRS, HOW ABOUT? And then, finally, the dogs crying about the boy is obviously very cute, as well as the seal. Congratulations to all of us.