The Word Of The Year Is “GIF”

The Oxford English Dictionary Gang has once again named their “Word of the Year,” and this one is very near and dear to all of our hearts: GIF. Love that word. Use it in a sentence. “I GIFed, he GIFed, she GIFed, we GIFed.” Good sentence. From Wired:

“Like so many other relics of the 80s, it has never been trendier,” wrote lexicographer Katherine Martin in a blog post conveying the news. “GIF celebrated a lexical milestone in 2012, gaining traction as a verb, not just a noun. The GIF has evolved from a medium for pop-cultural memes into a tool with serious applications including research and journalism, and its lexical identity is transforming to keep pace.”

And the official definition from Oxford:

GIF, verb to create a GIF file of (an image or video sequence, especially relating to an event)

Congratulations to the English language. Better luck next year, “STAHP,” “unfollow,” and all the other great words!