UPDATE: Joaquin Phoenix Does Not Hate The Oscars

Just one month ago, in an interview with Interview Magazine, Joaquin Phoenix let the world know that he had no interest in the “stupidest thing in the whole world,” terrible-tasting carrot that is the Oscars. “I don’t even care about the very expensive award show that wants to celebrate me for my play-pretend job that has made me rich and famous and also possibly crazy,” he said, more or less. A very sad story, indeed, and also an understandable one because the Oscars are the worst. But now it looks like the Master actor is singing a different tune! Wha-wha-whaaat? From The Sydney Morning Herald:

What about speculation the comments will cost him another Oscar nomination?

”I didn’t even know that I was in a position to do something that would cost me something,” he says before getting serious. ”But I know that first of all, I wouldn’t have the career that I have if it weren’t for the Oscars. I haven’t been in a lot of movies that have made a lot of money … And getting nominated for a movie has probably helped my career tremendously. But in some ways it’s the antithesis of what you want to be as an actor. You’re always trying to free yourself of the artifice, which is really difficult. Especially when you suck, like me.”

So would Phoenix go if nominated for The Master next year?

”Come on man, you know that it’s more complex than that,” he says good-naturedly. ”It’s not like I f—ing hate the Oscars … It doesn’t occupy my time to where I can build up hate.

Oh yeah? You don’t hate the “stupidest thing in the whole world,” Joaquin Phoenix?! If the man who has pinpointed the stupidest thing in the whole world does not hate the stupidest thing in the whole world is he then the stupidest thing in the whole world? An incredibly good question the greatest minds will be whatevering for years to whatever. Congratulations to Joaquin Phoenix and The Master on Joaquin Phoenix’s current willingness to accept an Oscar nomination and attend the celebration. Everyone is very happy for everyone involved. (Via ThePlaylist.)