Victoria Jackson Still Tweeting About The Election (See Also: Donald Trump)

How was everyone’s weekend? I mean, besides A HORRIBLE CRUSHING NIGHTMARE SPENT IN A FOUR-DAY LINE FULL OF HOMOSEXUAL COMMUNISTS OUTSIDE OF THE WELFARE FACTORY WAITING FOR THEIR FREE MARIJUANA RATIONS? I know that the election wasn’t that long ago, but also it kind of was. The above tweet was posted yesterday, along with a bunch of things about how things were getting so dark and bleak that Victoria Jackson was going to seek refuge in God. Sure, fair enough. But also how dark and bleak did they get? In those six days?! Does she even know that Obama would still be president today even if Romney had won the election because the transfer of power isn’t complete until the inauguration in January? At the end of a presidential election, the two dudes don’t just shake hands and then hand off the keys to the White House, Victoria Jackson, you silly monster. (Seriously, though, what a disgusting, racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, hate-filled monster.) Trump was also going on and on for days and days, welcoming people to “Obama’s America” as if we were not already living there, although he seems to have gotten momentarily distracted by the Petraeus scandal and also one of his golf courses got a nice review in a golf magazine, and that seems to bring him some joy, NO THANKS TO BARACK OBAMA. Good luck, crazies. It will be interesting to see how long you can keep this up in the face of no dramatic change in our country’s governance or global position. Stay hydrated. Take micro-naps. Hang tough.