Thursday Night TV Open Thread

30 Rock and Up All Night weren’t on last night, making room for an episode of The Voice during which all but three people on each coach’s team got kicked off. I had never seen The Voice before but last night I watched the last 15 minutes, when all the kicking-off happened, and every single time the people that I “wanted to get kicked off” were the people that weren’t, and the people that I “liked” (DE’BORAH!!!!) were the people who said goodbye. So. Fuck that show! The Office was enjoyable. I continue to dislike how Andy’s character is written this season, yet am totally buying into rooting for Erin and New Jim. They’re a regular Pam and Old Jim! THEY’RE EXACTLY A REGULAR PAM AND OLD JIM! Whatever. If it’s not broke don’t do the same thing a second time in your last season. Could not believe when Oscar was going to get Kevin fired. What a fucking jerk. Must you take part in ruining the lives of EVERYONE IN ACCOUNTING? Parks and Recreation was great, no duh. MIKE! HI MIKE! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH, YOU’RE SO PERFECT! I’m almost having a problem with how everything pretty much always works out and how everyone is just nice to each other on that show, but that is honestly mostly just because I want to say something other than that it was and always is so good. But I’m sure that’s a problem that some people have with it? That could be boring! Do you think it’s boring? It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia was very good. Kerri Kenney guest-starred, and she is the best. Last week’s episode (which we didn’t talk about, but which I LOVED) and this week’s are restoring my faith in It’s Always Sunny. No need to throw in the towel yet, boys! The League was goooood. Andre saying he had a lot of clear hair was very good. (It is worth noting that, again, last week’s episode, which we did not get to talk about, was great.) So. DID YOU THINK THE SHOWS WERE GOOD?