Little Girls Are Straight Up Taking Over Everything

Yesterday we were all delighted to watch 9-year-old Sam Gordon’s football highlight reel, in which she pretty much dominated everyone and everything in the world of football. Today a little girl solves another one of our problems: Having to listen to music that you don’t particularly enjoy because it sounds very angry and you’re not sure where the melody is or if the thing is that there isn’t really a melody and you’re supposed to be focusing on something else, but if so, what! Have you ever been around someone listening to very intense metal? You don’t want to say that you don’t enjoy it because that would be super not cool, and you like to think of yourself as a person who can enjoy all types of music, and you are a little ashamed of how this area of music is probably the one where you’re least fluent, but listening to this particularly aggressive type gives you an anxiety attack? WELL DOES THIS LITTLE GIRL HAVE A SOLUTION FOR YOU! Just go up to your friend’s iPhone, unplug it, plug in your iPad, and load up this video!

You: Let me just…
Your Friend: Hey, the song wasn’t over!
You: It’s fine. I wouldn’t have turned off the song midway through if I didn’t have something much better.
Your Friend: What is this?
You: It’s a little girl.
Your Friend: Ok.
You: Oh. You’re ok with this? You don’t want to turn your song back on?
Your Friend: No. It sounds the same.
You: Oh.
Your Friend: Did you want me to be mad?
You: Oh, no. I just didn’t know you’d be so ok with it.
Your Friend: Well, they sound exactly the same. So I don’t know why I wouldn’t be ok with it.
You: Ok.

Scene. (Via DangerousMinds.)