Who Is This Woman?

Who is this woman on the cover of the current issue of V Magazine, which advertises a story about Scarlett Johansson? Is it an unknown model? Is it a friend of a friend? Is it someone’s roommate who happened to be on set? Is it an amalgamation of every actress who has ever lived, and many from the future? Is it you? Is it your crush? Is it all of the women in your sleeping dreams? Is it all of the women in your waking dreams? Is it another woman wearing the mask of this woman’s face, whoever she may be? Is it your “aunt” who is actually younger than you are, like how that happens sometimes? Is it one of your cousins, or maybe one of your cousin’s girlfriends? Is it a lady you saw on the subway who was very nice looking so you looked at her on and off until you made eye contact too many times and now you can’t look at her anymore? Did you see this woman at a store once? Is it someone you can’t place at a party, though you’re sure you know her from somewhere? Is it someone who was on a reality show but kicked off earlyish? Is it a heavily photoshopped Leslie Mann, or that other actress who reminds you of Leslie Mann? Is it me? Certainly it is not Scarlett Johansson, but, well, who is it? Who is this woman? Click through for full-size photo of this unknown woman. (Photo via Celebitchy.)