Writing In Your Blog Vote For TV President

Hey, so here’s an important election day question: For what fictional TV character would you vote for President if you had to (HAD TO) vote for one of them? (Another important question: Who would you choose to Photoshop images if you had to choose someone? Me? Please let me know if me.) They don’t have to be political characters, obviously — this is just about who do you think would be the best at the job of being president. Like, for example, Gossip Girl’s Tripp van der Bilt comes from a political family and even ran for office at one point, but the way framed Serena for drunk driving and then almost killed Chuck and Blair because he thought he was almost killing Nate (because he was mad about his wife having an affair?) does NOT make me think he’d be an ideal candidate. Personally, I would choose Adam and Kristina Braverman of Parenthood as co-Presidents based on how thoughtfully each of them handle their personal and professional lives. (Some might think, “Really? Not Julia and Joel?” But do you honestly think they could handle the pressure? Hardly.) They would run as co-Presidents, though, because I DO think they need each other. Please cast your vote in the comments and tonight I will run them through the Scantron machine and send the results directly to Washington D.C., cc: @barackobama @mittromney. #pleasevote #importantmoment