Someone Out There Had To Have The World’s Thinnest House

Just when you thought there might be something out there left for you to accomplish in this world, one thing to make your name live on long after your death — long after its last spoken by those who truly knew and loved you in this life, one thing to make living this life feel WORTH IT, for ONCE, it looks like Polish architect Jakub Szczesny has gone and grabbed your dreams right out from under you. Of course. Ain’t that the way. You know that dream you had about building the world’s thinnest house that seems pretty much completely unlivable and makes you nervous just by watching a video of actual humans moving around inside of it? Well Szczesny already did it, and he did it 3-foot-wide gap between two buildings, which you have to admit is much thinner than you would’ve ever even attempted because WHO BUILDS A 3-FOOT WIDE HOME TO LIVE IN? Other than a very wealthy little bug? ?! Luckily for you, I think there are still a few other goals up for grabs:

  • World’s thinnest bowl of cereal.
  • World’s best dinner.
  • World’s funnest birthday without spending any money.
  • World’s longest-lasting carved pumpkin.
  • World’s thickest piece of paper.
  • World’s most comfortable pair of pants you can and should wear outside.
  • World’s best tweet.
  • World’s most mediocre singing voice.
  • World’s worst genuinely collected book collection.
  • World’s smallest t-shirt.
  • World’s biggest smallest.
  • World’s intentionally meanest baby.