Saturday Night Live: Louis C.K. And Fun.

Many of you have probably already read the e-mail Louis C.K. sent out a few hours before taking the stage on Saturday night. For those of you who haven’t, it is a sweet, heartfelt little note detailing how strange it had been to walk around a devastated city that he’d never known to be less than robust, and how he and the cast and crew at SNL worked hard this week to put on a good show for that city. It is very sweet. And it is very lucky that Bruno Mars was not the host who penned that letter this week, because it would be VERY difficult to criticize a show created with that expressed intention. Hahah. “IT SUCKED.” “thx 4 trying or shuld i say NOT TRYING.” Ahhhh. Luckily, Louis C.K. penned the note and hosted and was just as wonderful as our best hopes imagined. There was a little (pre-superstorm) fear (when everyone was able to be afraid of anything other than whether or not so many people are going to be able to have shelter and food and water) that Louis’s episode would be a disappointment, as some thought Zach Galifianakis’ much-anticipated episode was. (SOME.) (Not even saying me, but some.) Would he merely be given Louis-like characters, rather than anything challenging or interesting? Would the monologue be a song, as it never isn’t anymore? Would he just be a big old grump about it? ??? Well, on Saturday night all of our questions were answered, and the answer was: “No. Obviously it was very good.”

The monologue was just a few minutes of stand-up. Perfect. NEXT.

Oh, the cold open was good, too. The joke about Bloomberg’s expressive signer had pretty much been the #1 joke on the Internet for the week leading up to Saturday’s SNL, which tends to make jokes, by the time they get to SNL, feel more than a bit stale. But, in this case, who cares. It was good! Chris Christie was good, especially. Good job.

Obviously the Lincoln sketch was really great. Many are saying it will be the best sketch of the season. Probably it will be? We’ll have to see what Anne Hathaway does next week, but for now at least I do agree that it has been the best sketch of the season and will reasonably hold that title until the end.

Louis was great in the “Fox And Friends” sketch.

Louis was also great in the “Hotel Fees” sketch.

And the “Last Call” sketch, although the premise was kind of thin and uninventive and there are other ways to complain about it for sure, was entertaining.

(This really only leaves the Mountain Pass sketch and the Australian Screen Legends sketch. I didn’t like those! LET’S NOT TALK ABOUT IT.)

Finally, fun. performed and their singer looked like an at once young and old version of John Mulaney.