What If Jennifer Aniston Was A “Fat Ugly Normal Person”?!

A New York based photographer named Danny Evans has put together a collection of Photoshopped images imagining what celebrities might look like if they were overweight, and “ugly,” or, in a word, “normal.” Ewwwwww! It’s so grosssssss! Also what is the pointttttttttt?! He says that the purpose of the project is to look at celebrities in “a different light,” and that it’s his “interpretation of how they might appear if they were never famous.โ€ Sure, I guess. Except that it’s a very specific interpretation. For one thing, every single celebrity immediately gains at least 20 pounds. And all of their clothes come from the same Salvation Army store in 1999. These aren’t celebrities as normal people, they’re celebrities as caricatures of normal people. You might need a $147,000 beauty regimen administered by professionals to look like Jennifer Aniston on the cover of a magazine, but you don’t need that much money to look healthy and put together. It’s just a little bit confusing! I think a much more interesting exercise would actually be to take “normal” people and put them through the same celebrity machine and see how great they come out looking on the other side. A project like that would expose the celebrity-industrial complex as the fraud factory that it is, while also proving that normal people have their own inherent beauty that can be exploited and airbrushed into flawless fiction rather than some weird, misguided excuse for using the CS4 “fat tool.” Ugh. Art! Always the worst!