Where Does He Get Such Wonderful Phonebook?

If you look up Adam West in the phone book in the town in Iowa where he lives, as someone on Reddit did, you will be redirected to Wayne, Bruce (Millionaire), obviously. And when you look up Wayne, Bruce (Millionaire) you will be redirected to the Yellow Pages under Crime Fighters. When you go to Crime Fighters, there is just one entry: Batman (see: West, Adam). HEY, THAT IS PRETTY FUN! We should all be so lucky as to have the kind of career that is so noteworthy that we can reduce the whole thing to a fun and funny half-joke in an antiquated registry system that has itself become a bit of a joke in a small town where virtually no one will see it except some troll who will then post it on the Internet for 8 hours of glory. We should all be so lucky. It is called living tha dream. A. Samuels knows what I’m talking about. Also I know that I am wobbling over the line into Sarcasm Territory so let me firmly redirect our Emotions Car us back to the proper lane: I do think this is genuinely fun and that it is fun to have fun with things. Full stop. Good job, Adam West! (Click through to enlarge.)