There’s Fun Out There, Somewhere

As we enter into the last day of what has been a difficult week, it’s important to remember that fun exists out there, somewhere. Maybe not in your backyard or wherever, where it’s always summer and your friends are always around, including the one friend who always films everything with his or her nice camera and then cuts it into a nice little video and puts it online for everyone to enjoy, and you guys are always slip-n-sliding without a care in the world — maybe not there. But certainly perhaps in the break room of your office, where you are free to have as many coffee pods as you like. Or in your bedroom, where you can watch unlimited hours of Netflix Instant on your laptop in your bed. Or at your local bar, where you and your friends can gather and tell the same old stories to each other all night. Or maybe at a fancy party you get invited to? Or maybe if you’re going on a vacation. (Or you go on vacation in a dream, like I did last night. To Germany!) The point is, even if you have to really look for it, there’s still fun out there. Or maybe there isn’t. Either way, IT’S FRIDAY! (Via reddit.)