Ryan Gosling Update: Ryan Gosling Went To A Charity Event

It has been months since Ryan Gosling saved someone from being hit by a car, or broke up a fight on the street, or did Michele Williams’ dishes, and you have to wonder: WHERE IS THIS GUY? (Not really, you can reasonably assume that he’s busy working on movies mostly, and that he spends 100% of his off-time at Disneyland with Eva Mendes, but it has been a bit of time since we’ve heard a story of him doing something “heroic,” which is enough, and certainly enough for this parenthetical.) Well thankfully we have an update today, from The Washington Post:

Gosling apparently showed up on Saturday at an event called the Spooky Skedaddle 5K, a fundraiser for the Texas School for the Deaf Foundation’s Language for All Campaign. Fassbender and Rooney Mara, Gosling’s co-stars in the Terrence Malick film that is currently shooting in Austin, were there as well, primarily to shoot some footage for said film.

[The Foundation’s executive director] Anne Adams confirmed that Gosling did not run in the 5K. However, the event managed to raise around $20,000 with a bit of assistance from the “Drive” star.

“Ryan helped us out by paying $50 for a $1 glow in the dark cotton candy from a booth staffed by deaf children,” she wrote. “It was very sweet.”

Hahahah. Awwww. So the story is really that he went to a charity event that he had to go to for work — work that had nothing to do with the charity event — and then donated $49? Hahahaaaa. WE’LL TAKE IT! He’s beautiful, his heart was in the right place, we love him, we’ll still take it and kiss him right on the face. You’re our hero, Ryan Gosling! GIVE US A KISS!