Who Do You Think Mitt Romney’s Favorite TV Characters Are?

With Mitt Romney’s relentless insistence on co-opting Friday Night Lights into his campaign platform, it makes you start to think about how he watches TV. What are our favorite shows like through this brave, and fearless man’s eyes? Who does he even like on Friday Night Lights?! Buddy Garrity, yes, but who else? (We have already covered this. His favorite character is J.D. McCoy’s dad. Let’s move forward. Change of subject we can believe in.) You just know his favorite character on The Wire is Mayor Carcetti, just because YOU KNOW (although he always gives a shout out to the shipping container full of dead prostitutes WASSSSSUUUUUUUUP?!). But so who are some of his other favorite TV characters?

  • Lucile Bluth on Arrested Development
  • Jerry on Parks and Recreation
  • Locke on Lost
  • The racist Muppet
  • Hank Schrader on Breaking Bad
  • The racist on Mad Men

This is fun. Is this fun? I don’t even know anymore. Who else? Who else? Vote for Mayor Royce on November TV!