Finally, A Pre-Flight Safety Video For Nerds And Hobbits

What a beautiful new world we’re living in. You know, it wasn’t too long ago that you couldn’t use The Hobbit money as real money, and you couldn’t eat The Hobbit themed food for every meal, and when you flew with New Zealand Air you had to watch regular humans give you the pre-flight rules and suggestions for flight safety, rather than charming The Hobbit-themed characters. It’s funny — once you get used to something, even if it’s something you never really imagined would happen, it’s really hard to go back and think about how you ever lived another way. Can you imagine a time when we didn’t go outside and the streets were carved into Hobbit face shapes? A time when our shoes weren’t shaped like Hobbit feet? A time when the popular makeup craze was to make your face look as much like Bilbo Baggins’ face as possible? A time when New Zealand wasn’t just a The Hobbit theme park? I mean, I certainly KNOW this time existed, but it just doesn’t FEEL like it ever did. You know?

I love this world. I hope it never ends. (Via SlashFilm.)