Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • This Ned Flanders Halloween costume has been making the rounds today, so it’s possible you’ve already seen it, and it’s also possible that you’re tired of annoying Internet glorification of pop culture Halloween costumes, but it is impossible that you don’t think deep down that this is a very good Halloween costume. -Uproxx
  • For those of you whose first thought upon hearing of the devastation Hurricane Sandy left in her wake was, “But what about the Louis C.K. episode of SNL?” DO NOT WORRY. It is still happening, and here are the promos you awful jerk! -HyperVocal
  • Here is the first clip from Nancy Grace and Metta World Peace’s Lifetime movie. If you understand what that sentence is talking about, please enjoy! -FilmDrunk
  • Nicholas Sparks is making honestly like a million damn TV shows, and they’re all the lamest. Let’s not try to sugarcoat anything, let’s be real with each other for once in our lives about Nicolas Sparks and how the things he makes are lame. -Vulture
  • OOPS! Ghostbusters movie is delayed again. -Vulture
  • The Vatican’s film critic (what?) has written a review in tremendous support of Skyfall. What? “The title credits song, adrenalin pumping action, amazing hyper-realistic chases, exotic locations, extremely beautiful Bond girls, the usual super villain and the essential vodka martini.” Hahah. What? -TheGuardian
  • Heidi Klum has canceled her annual NYC Halloween party. “Ohh nooooo, but she loves Halloween!” most of us probably thought, because this is a thing we know about Heidi Klum, because we are all very upsetting. -Dlisted
  • And, finally, here is P.T. Anderson talking about how much he loves “Call Me Maybe.” What song makes you happy when you hear it? Just “Gangnam Style”? Just that one and no other song that has ever been made or ever will be? You guys are very predictable! -NextMovie