Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Here is a photograph of Keanu Reeves wearing his famous Outfit and a bunch of ladies out for Halloween. #internet #halloween #meme #keanuemeeves #reddit  -FilmDrunk
  • If you are in Colorado and are a lady or a gentleman who enjoys Jon Hamm, plz enjoy this video of Jon Hamm telling you how to vote in Colorado. If you aren’t in Colorado there is no reason to watch, unless you just want a little taste of that sweet, sweet Hamm. (Gross grossgross gross gross.) -GotchaMedia
  • Here is a supercut of the 100 greatest horror movie quotes of all time. Happy Halloween Eve! I hope you enjoy horror movies and are going to be watching some of them, I think they’re pretty fun! -Pajiba
  • A feature film based on the Magic Castle, the private Hollywood magician’s club, is being developed into a feature film. “But how is what amounts to an oldish famous building for magicians going to be translated into a feature film?” you wonder? Click through for the answer! (JK!) (There isn’t one!) (HOLLYWOOD!) -THR
  • Dior has recently hired Robert Pattinson to be the face of their men’s fragrances. RIGHT after Kristen Stewart was hired to be the face of that women’s fragrance? What does it mean for their relationship?!?! -Dlisted
  • Community isn’t going to be back until February, you guys! I am going to be nearly a different age by the time it’s back! And then Arrested Development will be back in April! Guys! Look at these announcemeeeennntss! -SlashFilm
  • There was a man on a jet ski in the New York harbor hours before Hurricane Sandy made landfall yesterday. Terrible. What a terrible man. -HyperVocal