Thursday Night TV Open Thread

What a dream, to have Adam Scott walk into your beautiful new house in a beautiful suit and to propose to you with the BIGGEST ring box in the world, after you had already seen Joe Mande and thought that that would be the highlight of your day. So beautiful! The best NBC Thursday night wedding proposal since Jim proposed to Pam at that gas station! While that, and Parks and Recreation as a whole, were the highlight of last night, I do think that there were also some lowlights! Hahah. That was supposed to be a bait-and-switch type of phrasing but, reading it again, I don’t think it worked! The Office, even though it featured Stephen Colbert, was a little exhausting. Why is Andy just the fucking worst ever all of a sudden? He’s so terrible that I don’t even want to watch him! Get him off of the screen! Send him to Cornell and never look back! I do love Erin, though. When she thought Dwight’s Nerds joke was so funny? Give me a break. The best. I can’t decide whether or not I like the Jim and Pam tension because it feels real and is interesting in that way, or if I hate it because I have enough passive agressive guilt-tripping to do in my OWN life, but one thing I can say for sure is I love it compared to how I feel about Andy. BOOO ANDY! Up All Night was, as usual, totally watchable. I loved with Christina Applegate fell at the beginning. THE END. (I’ve learned recently that, to me, there is possibly nothing funnier than a realistic fall on a television show or in a movie.) (Always very funny.) 30 Rock was fine. I liked how the boss from Office Space was in it, and I also liked how Amy Sedaris was in it. The show in general doesn’t really “do it” for me anymore, as I’ve said in the past, but this season is certainly an improvement on the last two or so. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia was very good, though the first half was a little light-on-laughs. I’m worried that It’s Always Sunny may have run its course — the bits, at this point, seem written from the viewpoint of someone who is tired of writing bits like these. But I hope it stops feeling like that! STILL A FAN! (Also: I thought FOR SURE the actress who plays Dennis’s ex-wife was Millie from Freaks and Geeks, but it turns out she is not?) The League was not great. WHAT DID YOU THINK?