Looking Good Larry David!

This is a photo of Larry David on the set of his new movie, Clear History, and he’s looking great. Very good beard. Very good hair. Love the carpenter jeans. Although I really think that it is the umbrella that makes it. You can’t tell from the photo, but it’s actually a perfectly beautiful day and the umbrella is just a fashion accessory to make him look PERFECT. Just kidding. It’s raining. He doesn’t want to get his BEARD WET. Oh no! Not my beard! What is this movie about? I am sure I could look it up, but it is much more fun to just guess based on this picture. Let’s see: an out of work magician in the midst of a painful divorce decides to start his own denim line called The Daddest Jeans. Or maybe: a racist history professor discovers that someone has been squatting in his rustic, lakeside cabin during the off season, but when he goes out there to remove the intruder they become best friends and work together to build a bomb! Or maybe: Larry David plays himself in a movie about Larry David suffering a mental break down at a JC Penny. It could really be any of those, or a combination of elements from each, and i bet not a single other person has any guesses or suggestions for what the plot might be and this post will get zero comments because everyone will be like, “Well, I’m stumped.” (You can click through to enlarge, but why? Via BuzzFeed.)