Oprah As Photographed By Terry Richardson

I know that Terry Richardson is a very successful commercial photographer who gets selected by pretty much every magazine on a rotating basis to photograph every celebrity to make them look like they are in an American Apparel ad (and on that note I am actually surprised that Terry Richardson has not sued American Apparel for a cut of all of their profits since he basically designed their entire aesthetic) and at this point it should come as absolutely no surprise to see a photograph of someone smart or interesting taken by him, or to see a photograph of someone smart or interesting taken with him as that is one of his favorite things to do. Sure! Of course! He gets paid for these things, and he is in high demand. Nevertheless, every time I see one of these photos, I cannot help but be reminded of the numerous accusations brought against him over many many years by young women claiming sexual harassment and abuse and all around questionable behavior. (Accusations that are at least kept plausible by the almost daily postings on his own Tumblr of half-naked girls who cannot be three days older than 18.) There is a court of law for these types of things, and we should not persecute him via rumor mill by way of blog post. By no means do I think that his livelihood should be affected by an unsubstantiated on-line opinion. We will leave that to Judge Judy, Judge Joe Brown, and the rest of the judges. It’s just something I cannot help but think of every single time that I see him. It probably doesn’t help that the guy’s personal sense of style seems to have been taken from a 1970s-era after school special about not talking to strangers. Hi Oprah! (Via Terry’s Diary.)