The Walking Dead S03E01: Open Thread

SPOILER ALERT I haven’t seen the season premiere of The Walking Dead. What are you going to do about it? Chop my head off with a machete? GO FOR IT! Then I will never have to. Here’s the thing: two of my wonderful friends got married this weekend in our nation’s capital, Philadelphia, and so I was busy celebrating TRUE LOVE in a WORLD OF LIVING HUMANS and was unable to see whether or not Lori argued with Grimes or if instead it was Glen who argued with Daryl. I know someone argued with someone, but WHO? And about what?! (Just kidding. I know about what. About NOTHING.) To be completely honest with you, the jury is still out on whether or not I even will watch this season, much less recap it. The Walking Dead has spent 19 hours boring and infuriating me. By all accounts, and I have run the numbers a couple of times to make sure, I am still going to die one day and therefore the few hours that I have remaining are at least mildly valuable. So, we will see. Was it good? Did you like it? I heard Carl got a haircut. Riveting stuff. If anyone has a serious argument why I should or should not continue watching this show, please feel free to make it in the comments. Or you can just talk about which of the Zombie Kills was your favorite, depending on if there even were any Zombie Kills, which sometimes with this show is not actually the case. Half the time it is just standing around talking about how things are different now. YEAH, GUYS, WE KNOW. But? So? Blogs?