Thursday Night TV Open Thread

It’s Always Sunny and The League are baaaaaaack! YAY! It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is my personal favorite of shows that air on Thursday nights, so this is very exciting, for me. Do not care at all about how exciting or not exciting it is for you. (JK!) Unfortunately it aired during the final half-hour of the debate last night (which we will talk about in another post that will be up in, like, two seconds, so relax) for those of us in EST, so it’s lucky that we live in the year 2012 where that kind of scheduling doesn’t even matter at all and really only meant that we got to watch it without commercials later. So, great! IT WASN’T THE BEST EPISODE, THOUGH! It felt rushed, as if they forgot they had to make an episode until the very last minute and then were like, “Ahhh, what’s something that’s seems like something It’s Always Sunny would do?!” The gang’s thought processes weren’t as detailed or explained as they usually have been in the past (which is really always what makes their horrible actions funny — their slow, overwrought justification of them), and the whole episode seemed to be moving a little too quickly. STILL FUNNY THO. Still love the gang. Hope the show hasn’t burned out! The League was gooooood. It was fine. I have, for every season of The League, held onto the idea that I do like The League, but I am always disappointed and maybe the fact is that I really just don’t like it? What do you guys think about The League? BRYAN CRANSTON WAS ON 30 ROCK! My favorite part was the song he sang. Hahah. Ahh! I thought it was a fine episode, in a good way. I think it will be a fine final season. (Very good commentary!) Up All Night was kind of great, which is absolutely just because I hold it to the lowest standard. But also it does very well with that low standard! What did you think?!