The Vice Presidential Debate 2012 Open Thread

FULL DISCLOSURE: I watched about the first half of last night’s debate between Vice President Joe Biden and Vide Presidential hopeful Paul Ryan on the elliptical trainer at the gym last night, and then I had to go rejoin the world of the living. Things happen! What are you going to do about it? Institutionalize restrictive and obtuse identity verification practices at polling stations in order to constrict or obstruct my ability to vote? I’m not a minority! But, so: the debate. Actually, last night’s debate featured two moments (in the part of the debate that I saw) that were really interesting. In both cases, yes, you got me Facetaco or Godsauce or whoever is going to give me trouble in the comments, it was Joe Biden giving Paul Ryan a hard time, but I actually think they were interesting moments regardless of the PARTISAN POLITICS. Namely, it was when Paul Ryan tried to claim that the Obama administration had denied requests by the Libyan embassy for security in the run up to the fatal attack that occurred there last month, to which Joe Biden answered that Paul Ryan himself had voted to cut hundreds of millions of dollars from the very same budget line item that would have provided that same security. Later, when the president’s economic stimulus plan came under fire from Ryan, again Joe Biden pointed out that Paul Ryan himself had written Joe Biden letters requesting some of those same economic stimulus funds for his home state of Wisconsin. KABOOM! Here’s the reason those moments were great: because YEAH SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU LIAR! And here I am using LIAR as the universal signifier for all these dudes. Sure, in this instance it happened to be the dude that I support giving it to the other dude, but really it just illustrated how they are all for real secret best buds and they are all so full of shit. I guess actually when you put it that way it’s very demoralizing and depressing. Just a big gang of primarily white men doing everything they possibly can to obfuscate what they actually do, which is help each other whenever possible, and hinder each other whenever necessary, to harness as much power to themselves as humanly possible. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuu BUT SO, YO, WHO WON THE DEATBAEATES?!