This Week In Movie Trailers, You Guys

You guys like movie trailers? Well, how do you like these movie trailers?! (LOLOLOLOL.) #Friday


Sure. Fine. (Scarlett Johansson seems kind of annoying, though.) But also how is it even possible that there has never been a biopic about Alfred Hitchock but now there are TWO coming out in short succession? Does no one in Hollywood have email or even a phone? You guys should friend each other on Facebook! Keep up with each other’s fun projects!

The Canyons

I hated this when it was called Grindhouse. I like Brett Easton Ellis’s books a lot, and Paul Schrader has written some great movies. But so who is even directing this thing?! (I know it is Paul Schrader but I believe that you get my point.)

Room 237

OK! Cool! You got it!

Gangster Squad

This looks very good. But also can we have a trailer for a movie like this that DOESN’T feature top 40 hip hop? I’m saying that as someone who loves top 40 hip hop but it is very jarring! Are they 1920’s gangsters? Or is this SuckerPunch Garbage Fever Dream Part Deux?

Tarzan 3D

Ew. Gross.

Not Fade Away

At a certain point, people will finally realize that James Gandolfini should be in everything, and finally the world will be set aright on its axis. Not yet! But at a certain point. Hopefully soon.

Zero Dark Thirty

This looks really good. Is there anything else to say about it? Never forget that this looks good.