That’s Your Money: The Hobbit-Style Money

“I think it’s wonderful that, as of November 1st, legal tender (along with official stamps) will be released in New Zealand with characters from The Hobbit on it to commemorate the release of the first film in the trilogy The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. One thing I always hated about money was how it never reminded me of a movie that I think I’m probably going to like when it comes out, based on a book that I do like. That’s why I always threw most of it into the garbage. I’d put some aside for rent, sure, but all of the rest of my money went straight into the bin. It’s been horrible for living, and you might think that it was the wrong choice, but for me it was the right choice. At least I didn’t have any of that boring, stupid old money lying around. Not anymore, though! Now I can keep my money, just like the rest of you! I’ll never spend it, though. I’m keeping it forever.” – You