That’s Your E-Cigarette Spokesman: Stephen Dorff

After the jump, a three minute behind-the-scenes commercial for a commercial about e-cigarettes starring longtime smoker Stephen Dorff. Oh, yes, that is correct! There is so much demand for a Stephen Dorff commercial for e-cigarettes that they released a full on commercial for the commercial that is 10 times longer than any normal commercial. SO DOPE. It’s also just a very cool commercial. It has jazz playing in the background, kid! Stephen Dorff enjoys the freedom (his word) that smoking e-cigs (his word) provides. “If I want to smoke in a restaurant, I can. People might give me a weird look, but then they’ll realize that they don’t smell anything.” Fucking cool as ice, bro. I’ll smoke to that! Here is Stephen Dorff smoking on a balcony. Here is Stephen Dorff smoking on a couch. Is that a hot lady? Hell yeah it is! If anything it is crazy at this point if you DON’T smoke an e-cigarette. It’s just too cool. You have to do it. Do you think that you are cooler than Stephen Dorff? What makes you think that? Oh, pro-tip, make sure to carry extra AAA batteries in your pocket for your megaCOOL e-cigarette that you’re smoking in the restaurant and getting everyone’s attention so that the cool never stops. “Who’s Mr. Cool head over there?” It’s you. And the best part? Nobody smells a goddamned thing.

Wait. Wait. This ad is a recreation of another ad, which was also for e-cigarettes, that Stephen Dorff and his friend JUST DECIDED TO SHOOT ONE AFTERNOON FOR THE HELL OF IT? Sure. That sounds like a normal thing that happens. “What are you doing?” “I don’t know, nothin’.” “Hey, I’ve got an idea. But first: do you have a camera?” It’s so organic that the e-cigarette company approved of Stephen Dorff’s homemade e-cigarette ad’s creative direction. (WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!) But now they have to reshoot the ad? Why? What’s wrong with the first ad? Who is ever even going to see any of these ads? Ugh. Now I’m all wound up! I need a nice, strawberry flavored e-cig to calm me down. Just kidding. Don’t make me barf. (Via FilmDrunk.)