ABC: Always Be Continuing-To-Sell-After-Someone-Faints

They don’t teach this kind of thing in Selling Your Product On QVC school. Either you’re born with the ability to continue selling whatever it even is that you’ve brought on TV to sell even after your co-host faints in what seems like a kind of serious and definitely scary way (though she says she is feeling better today), or you’re not. That’s just the way it is. Some folks have it and some folks don’t. Do you have it? Are you up to the task of just straight up ignoring the fact that the person next to you needs medical attention, even though everyone who is watching you is also aware that that person is in need of medical attention an are all probably concerned about it and have already stopped listening to you sell your product for children or whatever, who even knows? CAN YOU BE THE NEXT THIS GUY?

It’s just nice to watch a master at work. (Via Mediaite.)