Saturday Night Live: Daniel Craig And Muse

Daniel Craig was funny! He definitely doesn’t seem like he would be fun to hang out with, like he would say zero jokes and if you said a joke to him he probably would laugh a little but ultimately make you feel like you made a weird mistake, but he certainly knew how to act funny in the sketches! Overall the episode was a good one, I think. It’s unfortunate that the show is struggling with the election this year, and unfortunate that the debate cold open didn’t really break the struggle. The idea would’ve gone over better (in my living room, with me, alone) if they writers would stop holding all their DAMN punches! Say something, you goofs! You can! You’re not running for president, you can make jokes and say whatever you want and have it be funny and honest and not boring and bland and like you want everybody to be your friend! STOP MAKING FRIENDS! The candidates don’t wanna date you & they never will. One other thing I want to complain about before we get to all of the good sketches is what seems like a one-per-episode trend of sketches that would feel at home on Mad TV — this week it was the “Loving Couple” sketch. Gross out over-the-top loud nonsense where the only joke is that it’s gross and over-the-top and loud just seems out of place. DO NOT LIKE. Wish there were a “dislike” button. Anyway let’s get to the things that we (I) liked!

Daniel Craig burned most brightly during the “Construction Workers” sketch, probably because it’s when he got to do the biggest, dumbest accent. IT WORKED VERY WELL! And although my “is that homophobic?” alarm went off after the guys got grossed out when he said the line about maybe the lady had a big penis under her dress or whatever, that was still a very funny line and I LOL’d. Hope it wasn’t homophobic though! If it was, I hated it!!!!

BOND GIRLS! This may throw away any tiny amount of belief anyone held in my ability to accurately judge what is funny and what is not on SNL, but I kind of love any sketch that just serves as an excuse to trot out everyone’s weird, otherwise unusable impressions. Love it, though! Don’t care what you think! It’s always very good. I only wish they had done a James Bond “screen tests” sketch, too.

Long Island Medium!!!!!!! I have seen this TV show once in my life in a hotel room and it was incredible and pretty much exactly like this sketch and honestly I forgot about the show until I saw the sketch and now I would like to know WHY IT IS NOT ON NETFLIX? Incredible show! So perfect. So dumb. I’d watch a whole season on Netflix in one weekend. Great sketch.

Bobby Moynihan, ladies and germs. The best.

And, finally, “MSNBC Debate Fallout,” specifically Cecily Strong’s Rachel Maddow, was uncomfortably good.

AND THERE WE GO! Daniel Craig’s monologue was terrible, so let’s never talk about it. Also Muse played and they were dumb. See you next week with Christina Applegateeeeahhh!