Thursday Night TV Open Thread

30 Rock is back! 30 Rock is back! 30 Rock is back for its final season! And we’re all reminded once more than Liz Lemon gets to take the entire summer off of work, and I don’t know, with that in mind, what she ever has to complain about. It was mostly a good episode, I thought! Hazel’s great, and the Hazel/Tracy Jordan plot line was enjoyable. I hated when Jenna destroyed Liz’s apartment because it gave me a lot of anxiety. The new Jack TV shows were fine, pretty funny — his and Liz’s plot lines were kind of underwhelming, but not bad. I think, overall, it set up the rest of the season pretty well! COOL! Up All Night was enjoyable to have on while you tidy up the living room, as it always is. The Office was good — I’m actually really enjoying this whole season. There are stakes again, it seems! Real ones! I don’t even care if you guys agree with me. (Just kidding. PLEASE AGREE!) I’m just happy that, finally, I can mostly enjoy The Office again. Someone send out an AP Alert about it plz. Parks and Recreation is always a nice, very good show that I enjoy watching. With that said, last night’s episode wasn’t one of my favorites, EVEN THOUGH it had Jon Glaser, who is the best. I almost wish Ben and April would just come back already because who even cares about them being in D.C. I like when they interact, but not as much as I like when they interact with everyone. GIVE ME JUST WHAT I LIKE TV IS ABOUT ME! Hope we get to see them take an airplane next week, though! What did you guys think? Huh? Tell me! Tell each other!