What’s The Deal With Babies?

What’s the deal with these tiny pea brains? You see so many videos of the same thing — one minute they’re crying, as if the whole world isn’t only trying to love them and teach them words and give them food and shelter and put cute little clothes on their weird little bodies, and the next minute their parent sets up a video camera and plays them some sort of song from popular culture and all of the sudden everything is ok? All of a sudden they don’t want to cry anymore, and instead they want to eat their lunch-lunch? What’s the deal with that? Are babies all born as desperate wannabe YouTube stars? Does Andy Warhol tell them in baby pre-Earth that in the future, every baby will be internet famous for one to three minutes, and they are born knowing their duty? Do they just love “Gangnam Style,” something that I still refuse to understand or ever think about? Huh, babies? Huh, Benjamin? You ready to eat your lunch-lunch yet?

WHAT IS THE DEAL, BABY? (Via DailyPics.)

[PS: GAGNAMSTYLEBABY.COM.] [!!!!!!!!!!!!!]