Does Krispy Kreme Rapping About Daniel Tosh Mean That Krispy Kreme Is Krispy Over?

Videogum Monster Chris Trash just emailed us the new Krispy Kreme video with the subject line: “Krispy Kreme is over.” At first I was worried that it was going to be a video of Krispy Kreme explaining that it was over. Oh no! Stay with us, Krispy Kreme! But that is not what the video is. What the video is is a new song called “Me and Daniel Tosh.” Uh oh! Stay with us, Krispy Kreme! It’s pretty straight forward because this was clearly a bit of a rush job. There are no fake guns, no rapping on a burned out basketball court behind the rusty barn, no Money Maker Mike even. It’s just Krispy Kreme in the dining room from Gummo, rapping about how Daniel Tosh called him up and invited him to LA and now they are best friends. In typical Krispy Kreme fashion, the song itself is great. There is no denying that this is another great song from the King of The Raps. But considering how Daniel Tosh is the worst, it is at the very least a little bit disconcerting. Watch the video and then we will talk:

See? Great song. But also: Daniel Tosh. I don’t know! Everybody has to put food on their families, even the King of The Raps. ESPECIALLY the King of The Raps. Besides, millions upon millions of people like Daniel Tosh. Your mom probably likes Daniel Tosh. Who are we to judge Krispy Kreme for liking Daniel Tosh? Who are we to even say that is the case? Maybe he hates Daniel Tosh but simply sees an opportunity. That’s entirely likely. Don’t hate the player, hate the Daniel Tosh. It’s not every day you get a phone call from a television personality inviting you to come to TV. That would be very exciting for a young up and coming hip hop artist. On the other hand, you would like to imagine a world in which the Krispy Kreme rises to the krispy top on his own merits, without the help of a crude and thoughtless comedian whose show is based on mockery and humiliation. He should be rapping on Jay Leno and doing panel on Charlie Rose. You can’t do a Web Redemption for someone who is already perfect. So?

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You may or may not be krazy for this one, Krispy!