Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Do you go to Oberlin? Do you want to write for The Grape? No? What if I told you that Lena Dunham wrote for The Grape? Do you want to write for it now? Ok perfect, I’ll see you at the general interest meeting two months ago. -Vulture
  • Speaking of Lena Dunham, she’s writing a book for a million dollars, but, I don’t know. Who isn’t? It’s not really news if EVERYONE is doing it. -Slate
  • It was the Cartoon Network’s 20th birthday and to celebrate they put together an enjoyable little video featuring many of our old Cartoon Network friends. -UniqueDaily
  • Here is a supercut of every on-screen drink featured in Mad Men. It’s fourteen hours long hahahaha just kidding, it’s a normal length for a supercut. -Slacktory
  • HBO renewed Boardwalk Empire for a fourth season! I have still never even seen one episode of that show but I hear it’s great! -WarmingGlow
  • The final Twilight film released the final Twilight poster today, and it is a very good poster. Very thrilling and realistic and makes me want to see the film. -FilmDrunk
  • Speaking of posters, want to see the poster for The Lone Ranger, along with some new images? Well TOO BAD! Hahah. JK. You can, at this link. -SlashFilm
  • Did everyone watch the finale of Gallery Girls last night? I haven’t seen it yet. NO SPOILERS. But if you did see it, feel free to click through to here. -HyperVocal
  • Naked Liam Neeson. -Dlisted
  • And finally, The Week has put together a few Oscar hosting tips for Seth MacFarlane, AS IF HE NEEDS ANY. -TheWeek