Ahh, Be Careful With Your Teeth!

It is very impressive that you’re able to open that beer can with your teeth, beginning at a place that doesn’t even seem like it’s the perforated pull tab, and it is very impressively horrible to have to watch you act like your mouth — your poor, delicate mouth — is a can opener, but do try to remember that you need to BE CAREFUL WITH THAT STUFF, MEANING YOUR TEETH AND YOUR GUMS! If for no other reason than that it’s going to be expensive to fix. How are we even supposed to focus on the fact that you’ve opened this beer can in a nonsense way, to drink the beer in a nonsense amount of time, when all we’re focused on is the tearing of your gums? Think before you act, deer hunter. Some of us haven’t even started MAKING coffee yet. (Via ViralViral.)