Thursday Night TV Open Thread

Last night’s final installment of Thursday night Weekend Update made me a little bit mad that I had to be watching Weekend Update on a Thursday night. Oddly, the part that I liked the most was the short sketch about the NFL replacement refs, and that is a subject about which I don’t care or know anything! It was good, though! Loved when Tim Robinson called the time of death. (Also: Tim Robinson seems great!) Otherwise the episode mostly fell flat. Up All Night was pretty standard Up All Night — enjoyable, a nice show to have on while you’re making dinner. Maya Rudolf and Sean Hayes’s duet was very good. The baby is still cute. I’m liking The Office this season. I know Gabe — at least last week — did not agree with me on this, but I feel like it is going in a more interesting direction than it has been in a long time (which makes sense, since it is the last season and they don’t really have to meander around), and I’m enjoying it! PLUS NEW JIM IS CUTE! I hope he dates Erin! (Though, also, it is strange how about two minutes ago we were hoping that Andy and Erin would get back together, and now Andy is awful and we hope she gets with someone else? That was fast!) Parks and Recreation was a dream. I really did not like Louie’s season finale. I think maybe you guys are going to disagree, but I was tired of it from the very first moment. CHEER UP, LOUIE, IT’S CHRISTMAS! And then it was just dreamy jerk-off nonsense and it kind of made me so mad, like listening to Sonic Youth. Maybe you like Sonic Youth, though? A lot of people do! WHAT DID YOU THINK?