Fun Halloween Costume Idea: American Horror Story Rubber Man

Hahahahahahahahhahaha. Cool costume! The thing I like most about this costume — which is very hard to say because I like everything about this costume SO MUCH — is that it is “one size fits most,” which I cannot imagine is possibly true in any world. I can hardly imagine that this fits anyone, let alone “MOST.” Will it fit me, Target? I don’t even have a penis, let alone one that you’ll be able to see through the plastic so clearly that I can’t even believe it made it onto the Target website, but WILL IT STILL FIT ME? Obviously, though, this is a very good Halloween costume if it does end up fitting you. Be the belle of your Halloween party. Buy two of them and have your couples costume be “American Horror Story Rubber Men.” Buy it and then wear a Holly Golightly costume over it and be Breakfast at Tiffany’s Rubber Man. The nice thing about it is that, once everyone forgets you wore it for Halloween, you’ll be able to wear it casually! (Via WarmingGlow, Target.)