New Fall Television Open Thread

Well?! Guys?! What do you think?! The new slate of fall television shows has started, so it’s time to throw those undeveloped opinions around! As anyone with a blog will tell you, pilots are very hard to get right and sometimes you need to let a show develop into what it’s actually going to be. But at the same time, most of us make up our minds pretty quickly. So what do our minds say? Have you watched the stuff? I have watched the first two episodes of Revolution, which I think is a show about how all of the electricity in the world disappears and is replaced by sarcastic comebacks? It’s so-so. I’ve also seen the pilot of Animal Practice, which has got to be the hardest anyone has worked to set up a will they won’t they relationship in the herstory of sitcoms. He’s the world’s best veterinarian at the animal hospital that she just inherited from her dead grandmother?! FIREWOOOOOORRRRRRKS! I haven’t seen a bunch of the other shows yet, but what are you going to do about it? This is America! I will watch all of the television when I good and feel like it! Some of these shows will grow into beloved treasures that we can all share, and some of them will be canceled in two weeks. The question now, though, is what do you guys think about it? (Jews, please feel free to wait until tomorrow to weigh in on the important question of what do you think of the new fall television. First: get written into the Book of Life for another year. THEN comment on Videogum.)