Mitt Romney Political Rally Chant FAIL

Haha. EPIC FAIL! It’s funny, because in our whip-snap Internet era of casually thrown off criticisms and condemnations it’s so easy to look at this clip and think that Mitt Romney is a loser. It’s embarrassing! And no matter what else, that is true: it is embarrassing. But sometimes you have to be reminded that not only is Mitt Romney an almost impossibly wealthy businessman, and robotically handsome in a way where there would probably be fuckable Mitt Romney “Real Dolls” if there was a market for that kind of thing, but he is also the Republican nominee for President of the United States and that’s another laurel in his cap regardless of how the election turns out. Especially in retrospect, people are so quick to simply dismiss the losing side’s candidate in the charged and frustrated aftermath (Dukakis, Dole, older examples) when the truth is that just because they lost the election, simply GETTING to the election is already a huge and impressive accomplishment that most people could not achieve. I don’t know, you start to feel a little bad for the guy and you at least want him to get the recognition that he deserves for the big thing he already won. But yeah, no, this video. Haha. What a fucking loser. (Via GotchaMedia.)