Updating Wuthering Heights For Its NBC Adaptation

The Brontë sisters (Charlotte, Emily, and Anne) were the Olsen sisters (MK, Ashley, and Elizabeth) of their day. Yes? I’m pretty sure I don’t have to back that up with any reason for saying it because I feel like we’re all on board and no one realizes that I just said it because each of them is a famous family of three sisters and I needed a way to begin talking about this modern-day adaptation. With that said, it only seems logical that instead of coming up with a new idea for a TV show, NBC is just going to adapt Emily’s Wuthering Heights and set it in the Napa Valley and call it Napa! From The Hollywood Reporter:

After seeing four projects go to pilot last year, Greg Berlanti is well on his start this development season.

The prolific producer has sold two dramas to NBC, including a modern take on Wuthering Heights, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively.

Titled Napa, the hourlong drama will be written by The Whole Truth’s Tom Donaghy, who will executive produce alongside Berlanti. Berlanti Television’s Melissa Kellner Berman is on board to co-executive produce the hour, which has received a put-pilot commitment from the network.

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. Who doesn’t love a modern take on a classic tortured love story? All that’s left to figure out, as usual, is how to modernize it! Why do they always leave that out of these Hollywood news clips?! I have a few ideas, then you can let me know what yours are.

  • Heathcliff has an iPhone 5 and kind of loves it, but also doesn’t really feel like you NEED to buy one if you already have an iPhone 4S. If you don’t have a 4S, though, you may as well upgrade.
  • Catherine absolutely loves how there is no set “style” right now, as there was in say the ’90s or ’80s or whatever. There are a lot of ideas going around and everyone is kind of doing their own thing and it’s all kind of fun and acceptable, as long as you can ROCK IT. You know? She loves that.
  • Heathcliff is sad to hear that Bon Iver is thinking about calling it quits soon and plays it up around his female friends and down around his male friends.
  • Catherine was an undecided voter for a while but ended up voting for Obama in the 2012 election.
  • Heathcliff absolutely hates the current pop food culture obsession with bacon. He likes it, for sure, but now he kind of feels self conscious about buying or ordering it, because everyone’s always like, “BACONBACONBACONBACON.”
  • Catherine recently got into doing YouTube makeup tutorials.