A Few Thoughts On Edwin P. Wilson Before The New Jaden Smith Music Video

After the jump, the new music video from rapper and actor, Jaden Smith, but first a few thoughts on Edwin P. Wilson. He died last week, at the age of 84. If you haven’t read the New York Times obituary for him yet, I highly recommend that you do so. What a fascinating character! He was in the army and then he began working for the CIA, setting up a number of companies for them that allowed them to monitor and control foreign interests or whatever, and from there he became a millionaire and a spy, which is literally the coolest combination of things that you can be. But then, after he left the government’s employ, he was arrested and charged with multiple pretty serious crimes, including selling a bunch of explosives to Libya, which he claimed he was doing for the CIA, but the CIA denied it, and he ended up going to jail for a long time and basically losing everything. (He also allegedly plotted to have his wife murdered, which is an altogether stickier and less pleasant part of the story.) Then, in 2007, he reopened his case and proved that the government had withheld evidence that would have shown he was in fact still working for the CIA, and a judge vacated his conviction, which if you think about it is crazy, that you would be imprisoned by your own government for the work you did for them because they changed their mind or something, but such is the User Agreement for And then he died in some town where he was living off of social security checks. It’s just crazy how many twists and turns this life can take, you know? In the world of millionaire spies, one day your in and the next day you are in JAIL. You never know what is around that next bend. Enjoy it as it comes. Here’s the new Jaden Smith video:

YOLO, yes, but YODO as well.