The Simple Joy Of Listening To Ice Crack On A Lake

It’s Monday morning and we have a lot ahead of us. Let’s take a few moments out of beginning our busy day to watch this scene, filmed at Sardine Lake in Sierra City, California, and listen to the ice crack and make weird noises, for no other reason than that it is nice to look at and that the noises are weirder than you’d expect. Maybe it will improve your productivity later? It might! Maybe you’ll learn that you should start every day with this video and your life will change forever. You’ll never know until you try. Also: The new One Direction song begins with the same riff as The Clash’s “Should I Stay Or Should I Go.” Which one do you think came up with it first? Two big questions for your Monday morning. The thing about whether or not this video will improve your productivity for the rest of your life, and then also the thing about One Direction. Namaste. (Via ViralViral.)