The 2012 Emmy Awards Open Thread

Ah, here we are! Tonight’s the night! The 64th primetime Emmy awards! As we wait for the show to begin, let’s take a moment to think about how lucky we are to have the whole experience in our future — so much joy and wonder just waiting to unfold before us in that theatre in Los Angeles. So much nervous energy and cocaine and makeup that looks weird up close but good on camera and interactions where you don’t really know what the motive is but you know you don’t feel good about it. So many questions waiting to be answered. Will we like Lena Dunham’s haircut when we see it live on television more or less than when we saw it in the photographs she’s posted on Twitter? Or will we like it the same? What kind of beard is Aaron Paul going to have? Full beard? Trimmed beard? Will Louis C.K. look nice or not so nice? Are the people that we like going to win their awards, or are the people we don’t like going to win them? Specifically, who is going to win the award for Best Job In A Show (Televised)? In a few short hours all of those questions and more will be done and answered, so let’s hang out and watch them all get answered, together! Sounds great 2 me. Love you! Get a drink! LET’S LIVE CHAT ABOUT IT! #emmys #2012emmys