Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Videogum Movie Club: Let’s all see The Master this weekend and then come back here and talk about it on Monday!
  • Bill Clinton was on The Daily Show last night and they talked about, no doy, his DNC speech. Did you see it? If no, do you want to see it now? If yes, click this link! -Mediaite
  • Here is another installment of “Bad Lip Reading,” this time with The Hunger Games. It is always great and fun and perfect for a Friday. -BlameItOn
  • Here’s a clip from the upcoming episode of The Simpsons, featuring Homer voting in the upcoming election. Can you even believe that The Simpsons are still on TV and can you even believe that this clip is still enjoyable?! -TheDailyWhat
  • Fox is developing a modern Hamlet drama based on Washington DC about a beloved presidential hopeful who died of fishy causes and his son trying to figure out the causes sooooooo, that’s something! -Deadline
  • And ABC is developing a Party Down knockoff! -Vulture
  • Apparently Sylvester Stallone has owned the rights to a scifi novel called Hunter for a few years and is thinking of making it into a fifth Rambo movie. That guy. The hardest working man in Rambo business. -SlashFilm
  • Michael Bay is choosing his assistant on Transformers 4 based on who wins a Doritos contest to make a Doritos commercial to air during the Super Bowl? I don’t know. YOU figure it out. -FilmDrunk
  • Sarah Silverman released a video for about the things being done to prevent people from voting under the guise of “voter fraud” and how to be prepared for it. Watch it! -HyperVocal