Gallagher In Slow Motion

One of the things about the current crop of behind-the-scenes comedy podcasting and our fleeting cultural obsession with the interior life of the comic is that it flattens comedy out in a really bizarre way. Even to the casual consumer, there are obviously lots of different types of things that make you laugh. There’s pratfalls and butt jokes and fake almanacs and hyper-specific jokes about stroller culture in Fort Greene. There’s confessional humor and observational humor and political humor and absurdist humor and Daniel Tosh. But in the current zeitgeist it would seem as if all of comedy was basically just a sad dude with a couple of weird habits and a drinking problem that he has either resolved or is never going to resolve. The whole world of potential laughter is reduced to an introspective discussion of loneliness, divorce, and masturbation. LOL?! Personally, I am not sure that this is a great thing for the comedy industry, or at the very least I think it more clearly defines the format’s limitations: people hate comedy so much that all they want from comedians is for them to be serious. Enough with the shouting and the neediness! But obviously that’s not true. People still luv 2 laff. And what better way to make them do that than smashing fruit and bowls of something with a sledgehammer. Remember when that was a thing? That was a whole thing! “Honey, put your poncho on, we’re going to a comedy show.” There is simply no accounting for taste. Vote Mitt Romney on November 10th.