FIRST LOOK: Courtney Stodden’s Couples Therapy

Courtney Stodden. Even though we haven’t heard that much from her lately (unless you follow her on Twitter, in which case you’ve heard A LOT recently, mostly about the health trauma that went on with her dog Dourtney) (Dourtney is fine now, though! Don’t worry) (Dourtney) her spirit seems to be ever-present. It’s possible, though, that she’s been out of the self-affixed, too clear and forever too close spotlight because she was away filming her season of Couples Therapy — a show on which, as far as I can tell from this promo, couples (who must be celebrities, though you cannot place any of them) live in a house and get yelled at by a lady and then also by each other. It seems fun! And it definitely seems like Courtney and Doug are there to really tackle and overcome some of their problems, like how Doug…wanted…to marry Courtney? Therapy is hard! Couples Therapy is harder. (Doug Hutchinson is hardest.) (Hahaha.) (AHHHHH.) Roll the clip!

MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE. It seems perfect! I can’t wait! Perfect use of a song that sounds like “Heart Shaped Box” kind of! Next season bring on Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain’s ghost! This show seems perfect even if its promos don’t give you nearly enough of what you NEED! (Via BuzzFeed.)