Guess What The Alice In Wonderland Reboot Is Called

At what point will reboot God just turn the clock back so we can live through all this reboot news for the first time again, rather than continue to make Himself reinvent the reboot wheel as if that makes each piece of reboot news somewhat novel? That’s the kind of question that keeps great thinkers up at night, I bet. The answer is: NOT YET! I don’t think. Though the thing is that we will never know, it could have happened already. So the answer is: NOT YET? And what I’m really trying to say is: Look at this stupid thing, from The Hollywood Reporter:

First, the CW decided it would reboot Beauty and the Beast; now, the young-skewing network is reimagining Alice in Wonderland.

A script has been commissioned for the project, titled Wunderland, which is being billed as a contemporary iteration of Alice in Wonderland, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. The drama will center on a young female detective in present-day Los Angeles who discovers another world that exists under the surface of this ultra-modern city.

Wunderland will be written and executive produced by Playboy Club’s Chad Hodge, with McG (Gossip Girl) and Peter Johnson attached as executive producers. The hour-long entry is set up at McG’s Wonderland Sound and Vision in association with Warner Bros. Television.

WUNDERLAND. I forgot to remind you that you were supposed to guess what the Alice In Wonderland reboot was called, but I’m sure at least most of you guessed it from the title of the post anyway. Wunderland. WUNDERLAND. “Ok we’ve got it. EVERYONE STOP THINKING.” I bet that’s what the end of the naming meeting was like. I bet she falls into wunderland through a Banksy-style street art mirror. I bet she isn’t able to leave her detective job back up on the surface of “ultra-modern” present-day LA.  I beg UGH UGH GUGH GUHG MCG. What do you bet? Anything? Want to go back to bed? I’m pretty sure we’ve all already lived through all of this, so it’s ok if we sleep through it this time.