Girl Stuff: Show Off Whenever Possible

Hey girls! How have you been? How do you feel about transitioning from summer into fall/winter? Don’t you wish you had some sort of magical power where you could blink, or whatever, and the clothing item you want appeared before you for free? And don’t you wish you knew what clothing items were good and which once weren’t so good? I’ll tell you what, I almost bought a sweatshirt with a bunch of bananas on it the other day, which, like, I KNOW is probably not a good sweatshirt to buy, but I wish I could know for a fact whether or not it was a thing that I’d like for a while. You know? I know you know what I mean. Ahh. I love chatting with you guys! Just us gals. Anyway, so, how often do you show off? All the time, some of the time, or none of the time? If the answer is anything other than the first answer, YOU ARE NOT DOING IT RIGHT! What you need to start doing is often putting yourself in a position where you’ll be able to show off your talent, whatever it is, UNLESS IT IS EXPLICIT, LADIES, in public. Like, are you good at knitting? Join a knitting circle. Are you good a music? Be in a band. Are you good at being charming? Talk to people and charm them and do it very loudly so people around you can be charmed too. Are you good at, I don’t know, fixing bikes? See if you can get a bike shop TV reality show. Are you good at singing? Go to K-Mart and find a karaoke machine and just blow everyone’s f-ing minds.

Great job, girl. You’re very talented, both at singing AND at knowing how to casually show off. Never stop. You are great. (Via TheDailyWhat.)